The Town of Kingston Springs Charter requires the Board of Commissioners to appoint a City Manager who is the executive officer of the town government. The City Manager directs and supervises the administration of all departments, offices, and agencies of the town, except as otherwise provided in the town’s charter. The City Manager is charged with advising the Board of Commissioners with regard to current programs and operations, future needs, and all matters related to proper administration of the town. The City Manager is the town’s chief public information officer, is a liaison to the community and local businesses, and oversees all human resources aspects of the municipal workforce. Additionally, the City Manager implements policy as determined by the Board of Commissioners by providing management and administrative support.

Debbie K. Finch
Interim City Manager/Recorder


John Lawless - City Manager

John Lawless has been a resident of Kingston Springs for over 20 years and served as Assistant City Manager before being appointed to the City Manager position.  John is a Certified Municipal Financial Officer and has served as a past president of Leadership Cheatham County, and serves as the current Vice-Chair and Executive Board member of the Cheatham County Joint Economic Community Development Board.  He has previously served the Town of Kingston Springs as a member of the Parks Board, and continutes to be an organizer for the Town’s Farmers and Artisans Market.  John works alongside a staff at City Hall that strives daily to make Kingston Springs the best Town it can be.